How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance (best settings)

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what's going on YouTube thank you for

watching another geeks tutorial video

and today we gonna be show you how to

speed up your Windows 10 for free and

without using any software so let's

begin the quick tutorial stay tuned

step number one power option just go to

your Start menu and search power option

they will see the power option on the

Risso just click on it and you will get

to this control panel power option

window so you can see my default power

plant he said - balanced change it to

high-performance lighting plus the power

option step number two disable unwanted

starter programs for that first you need

to go to the task manager the easiest

way to get to the dust manager each by

clicking on any empty space on your

taskbar and choose task manager from

here once you're at the task manager go