The 3 Qualities Needed to Constantly Advance in Your Career

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So last week in our staff meeting the conversation came about after we were reading the book,

Contagious, and I asked the question from everybody.

I said, hey, can you tell me why I make it a requirement for us to read a book a month?

We've been doing this for seven-and-a-half years.


And I got four responses.

One of them said, Pat, you want us to improve.

I said, okay, great.

What else?

The other person said, you want our minds to be working and thinking about work after


That was an interesting one.

Another person said, it brings us together.

Because we're advancing together.

Another person said ideas.

And I said, "Everything is great.

But let me tell you why we read books."

I said, "I want all of you to want to make more money.

How many of you guys want to make more money?"

And they raised their hands.

Now remember, this is not sales.