Most Effective Way to IMPROVE MEMORY (& Memorize ANYTHING)

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As a student, you have a lot of information to understand and memorize for your tests.

If you have powerful photographic memory, your job is much easier.

But if you’re one of us mere mortals, then you face two issues: first, you don’t remember

everything you should, and second, it takes too much time to memorize!

What if I told you you could have your cake and eat it too?

Here’s how you can boost your memory, memorize more facts, and spend less time doing it.

Dr. Jubbal, MedSchoolInsiders.com.

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Now there are different types of memory, such as procedural memory, like knowing how to

swing a golf club, and declarative memory, like being able to recite and draw the cervical

plexus for your anatomy exam.

We care about semantic memory, which is a type of declarative memory, which is what’s going to help you

get an A on your chemistry final and a 525 on the MCAT.

From examining neural networks in sea snails to caring for amnesic patients with localized

lesions, neuroscientists have learned a great deal as to how human memory works and how

to squeeze the most utility out of our hippocampi. The hippocampi are the centers in our brain that store

long term memory.

Looking back over a century ago, we can thank the psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus for studying

his own memory and generating what is now known as the Forgetting Curve.

In its simplest terms, the Forgetting Curve demonstrates that after forming a memory,

we gradually forget more and more of it as time elapses.