10 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY - Jim Kwik | London Real

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I'm gonna share with you the 10 keys to unlock what I call your quick brain, right?

These are the 10 things scientifically proven to help you be faster smarter better to optimize your brain health and your fitness

And now every single thing I'm going to say nobody's gonna debate right? They're gonna say yes, of course, but common sense

It's not common practice. So I'm going to ask people who are watching

this is to rate yourself 0 to 10 how well am I doing this one area like in terms of how I'm eating or

Exercising or something and then you'll notice everyone wants to know what the magic pill is. There's no magic memory pill

There's their magic memory processes


If you everyone wants to know the one silver bullet

You have to do all of these things because that's what falls within the focal point

meaning that the 8020 rule the 20% that gives you 80% of the

Results and the rewards so really fast the 10 keys for unlocking your quick brain

People know how to write it down because I'll teach them how to memorize them cool, right?

So and we can do it together. Number one is good brain food

Alright good brain food because you are what you eat what you eat matters, especially to your gray matter what you eat matters?

Especially a gray matter

So we did a whole episode on my favorite top 10 favorite brain foods

And I show people how to memorize it in two minutes

I mean it's a while but there's certain foods that are really good for your brain and you probably eat most these foods as you

Are extendo you're ready blueberry?