How To Have Intense Male Orgasms

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hey this is Charlie from sex with cherry

calm today I'm going to talk about how

to intensify the male's orgasm you must

watch this video

so today we're going to talk about the

male's orgasm I want to tell you some

tricks or some tips on how to intensify

the male's

orgasm we talked about the woman's

orgasm all the time we talked about how

much intense normally woman orgasm

seemed to be if you if you look at the

woman how they orgasm how they shake

depending on the type of orgasm they

have some type of body shaking orgasms

that looks like their orgasms are more

intense than men's orgasms and I'm not a

woman I could not say I could say from

what I see oh when I feel I it seems

like women have intense and longer

orgasms but again I know what I can have