Enhance Makeup in Photoshop - Good for Makeup Artists!

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hey everyone Jessica Cooper here and

today's video I'm going to be showing

you guys how to enhance makeup and

Photoshop so if your makeup artist or a

photographer and you're looking to

enhance you know your eye makeup I'm

going to show you exactly how to do it

it's really simple so the first thing

that we're going to do is make sure that

we have a new layer so we can begin

editing on that so go to command shift

the end and I'm going to name this eye

shadow now I thought I was going to

spell it wrong but I caught myself

because you know I won the Spelling Bee

in the fifth grade so I have a

reputation to maintain so the first

thing that I'm going to do is I'm

actually going to be enhancing her eye

shadow and you know if you have a

different color all you have to do is