Long Term Memory - How To Improve it and What It Is!

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hey guys this is Ron white maybe it saw

me on the National Geographic show brain


I'm also a two time USA memory champion

in this video we're going to talk about

what long-term memory is and how you can

improve it

first of all what is long-term memory

let's play a game where were you on

September 11 2001 can you tell me where

were you on October 25th of that year

you probably have no idea unless it was

a birthday or an anniversary how about

this have you ever been in a car

accident if so could you tell me the

time of day who was driving how it

occurred and where it occurred I bet

even if it was five or 10 years ago you

can tell me all the details of that car

accident but let me ask you this could

you tell me every time you've driven in