Create Light Rays in 3 Simple Steps with Photoshop

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hi there this is animation pixel-perfect

and today i'm going to show you how to

create beautiful sun rays or light rays

coming through an opening in Photoshop

whether this trees in the forest or a

simple window in a room the concept

remains the same all we need is a couple

blend modes and a filter that's it so

without any further ado let's get

started so here we are back in the

magical world of Photoshop and if you

are go ahead and download this for and

follow along you already know what it

will check the links in the description

to get started let me give you a clue

have a look at this image here we have a

forest and here we have some openings

some bright areas so we already have the

bright areas we already have the shape

of the openings what can we do with it