The Science of Kindness

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Sometimes it's easy to feel like the world's getting harder, but if we look

closer: on the news, on the web, on the street, we're anything but unkind.

Every day we hear new stories of people trying to make the world a better place.

And together we can make the world a little bit kinder for all of us.

It all starts with just one person: you. The thing about kindness is that it's just

about the only thing in the world that doubles when you share it. And it's a fact

backed by science. Studies have shown that if you perform just one random act

of kindness a day they'll not only reduce your stress, anxiety, and

depression, but your body is flooded with the same hormones that make you

and the person you've helped calmer, healthier, and happier.

Serotonin which heals your wounds, helps you relax and makes you feel good.

Endorphins which reduce pain and Oxytocin which reduces blood pressure

and makes you feel more loving, and loved. You'll both be more energized, feel less

aches and pains, more confident and could even live longer.

And if other people see you helping someone else,

they'll be filled with those same feel-good

hormones, meaning they're significantly more likely to pay it forward.

Like taking that extra moment to hold the elevator for someone. Spotting a coffee

for a stranger who's just a few cents short.

Giving your neighbor a hand with their groceries. Even just smiling and meaning it.

It doesn't take much but it can make a huge difference for everyone.