Real Way to ACTUALLY Increase Your IQ

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A man is sitting in front of his computer mindlessly scrolling down his Facebook news


He’s been feeling a bit insecure since losing his job and getting dumped by his girlfriend,

so it’s his good fortune on this particular dark day that he comes across one of those

bunkum posts that say, “If you can correctly answer these questions you have a genius-level


Lo and behold, like his friends before him, he scores 10 out of 10 and is rewarded with

the knowledge that he’s a genius with an IQ of over 160.

He seems blissfully unaware that most 10-year olds could get those questions right.

Nonetheless, he’s not too bright and so he shares his results, which is exactly what

the creators of the post wanted him to do.

Poor guy, if he had a higher IQ, he might be savvier to the manipulative guff that does

the rounds on social media.

Ok, so this guy knew the capital city of France and he understood that the chemical formula

for water is H2O.

He even knew that Earth was the third rock from the sun.

We hate to burst his bubble here, but that doesn’t mean he has a high IQ, far from


You can’t base IQ on the ability to answer a handful of easy general knowledge questions.

There are even games of “spot of the difference” surfacing on Facebook these days, stating

that if you can spot the 10 differences you have an IQ of 180 or over.