Hidden Technology to Convert Low to High Resolution in Photoshop

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although it is impossible to actually

increase the size of the resolution of

an image after you have taken the

picture we can fake it right in

Photoshop now there's a new technology

in Photoshop to fake it better and let

me show you how that works so first of

all update your Photoshop to the latest

version if you're a Creative Cloud

member this feature is only available in

Adobe Photoshop CC and not in previous

versions like cs6 so if you're a CC

member just update your Photoshop then

what you need to do let's have a look at

this image first let's have a look this

is what five hundred by three three

three pixels very small image it's not

pretty much usable but in case you have

to use it and you have to enlarge it

here's how you usually do it right you

go to image and then image size you kind