This Is What Happens to Your Brain on Opioids | Short Film Showcase

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this is Susan Susan loves to bike while

out for a ride she falls and breaks her

arms special cells called neurons send a

signal through the spinal cord to the

brain which interprets the signal as

pain Susan understands the pain means

she needs to go to the hospital and her

body is equipped for survival helping

her not to panic so she can seek help

many of her neurons are covered in

proteins called opioid receptors these

receptors act like a brake to slow down

the neurons ability to send pain signals

when injured her body releases natural

painkillers called endorphins like a key

in a lock endorphins activate opioid

receptors slowing down the pain signal

and preventing a panic Susan gets

treated for the broken bone but three

months later her arm still hurts and now

that pain is making her feel depressed