Enhance Hazel | Green eyes ♡ Makeup tutorial

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never thought the playful caca hurt so


hold me together uncle rob a bear sure

I'm illegal for the people some going to

be using my BH Cosmetics enhancing eyes

gorgeous greens palette and I'm taking

the seventh color in it is a matte brown

and I'm just gonna work that into my

crease with the people is it I then

picked up the first shadow in the

palette and highlighted my brow bone and

then I took the sixth color in which is

the coppery color and I sprayed my brush

with a makeup setting spray and then

packed that on my lower lid and I also

I'm going to take a smaller crease brush

and smudge that on the lower lash line

and this palette from BH Cosmetics is an

absolute must-have even if you don't

have green or hazel eyes the colors are

just beautiful and blend effortlessly so