5 Tips that will make you LOVE your Grey Hair!

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oh the gray hair video the gray hair

video she has been highly requested by

you and today we're finally going to do


yeah this is one of my favorite topics


it can be a massive challenge when your

Grays start coming in and I think the

first instinct we have is to hide it

those whites are making me look older

you start by plucking them out I know

you do don't even lie plucking phase

quickly turns to 20 then 50 then 75 and

then you're all white baby you're all

white I'm not opposed to dyeing them my

grandma dyed her hair every four weeks

until she was like 85 or something it

just made her feel better but here's the

thing the more gray you are the more you

see that regrowth line and the faster

you see it so you go to the salon you