How to Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING & Performance in 2022 The Ultimate GUIDE (Updated)

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yo what's up guys welcome back to the

channel we're gonna be going over

windows 10 settings for 2022. now last

year i made a video that video is still

relevant and it'll still work but this

one is better and it's better for well

just trust me that it is better i'm

going to be adding a few more things a

few more safety procedures too because

some people are having issues with their

boot time after the video while it

helped most people people with low end

pcs were struggling a bit so i'm going

to help optimize both sides of the

spectrum the high end and the low end

now i can't even fathom how many views

that video ended up getting i don't

expect this video to get the same amount

but that video is over a million views

so that's absolutely crazy so we're

gonna add more things make this one