How To Heal Your Eyesight Naturally | Vishen Lakhiani

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I'm sharing this because way too many of my friends have come to me to ask me how

to help them improve their deteriorating eyesight. And they dread the thought

of someday wearing glasses. When I tell them that I healed my eyesight

in about two weeks, from 20/40 to 20/25, that's around a two lines improvement

in an eye chart, they want to know my secret. So I created this video to help my

friends and to help you guys on the Mindvalley channel understand how you too

could improve your eyesight. Basically, I was able to go from wearing glasses 40%

of the time to 4% of the time. So, my issue with eyesight started when I was

9 years old. I started wearing glasses and my eyesight rapidly deteriorated to the

point where my myopia or shortsightedness was -7.00. That basically means I couldn't

recognize a face this close to me. Now, when I was around 28, I finally had LASIK,

and LASIK restored me to 20/20 eyesight. But as you know, when you go for surgery,

sometimes things go wrong. That's what happened with my

LASIK surgery. Basically, it went awry in my left eye and this left

me with astigmatism. Over the next 12 years,

my left eye started getting worse and worse, and then my right eye decided that

it too had to deteriorate to catch up with my left eye. And 12 years after my LASIK,

I found that I needed glasses once again. And so I had to go back to the doctor and

figure out what to do. Now, the doctor told me that as a man

in my 40s, LASIK would no longer be an option, so I was faced with two choices.

Deal with wearing glasses, which I totally disliked,