Top 3 Easy Ways to Grow Thick Eyebrows Naturally

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perfectly shaped eyebrows highlight

one's face and personality eyebrows are

one of the most noticeable parts of

one's face if your eyebrows are too thin

you can easily solve this problem with

the help of some natural home remedies

here are some of the best ways to grow

thick eyebrows naturally take one onion

and peel the skin then cut it into cubes

and put them in a mixer jar grind them

to a smooth paste and extract the juice

massage this juice into the eyebrows for

about 5 minutes

allow it to dry on its own and then wash

it off with the cold water follow this

treatment once daily for several weeks

onion juice also aids faster and denser

growth of eyebrow hair the juice has

sulfur that improves the production of

collagen tissues required for proper

eyebrow growth also it strengthens the