Boost Energy | Why Am I Always Tired | How To Get More Energy

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So you're lacking energy you feel tired I get it

but the good news is in this week's video I'm going to teach you how to keep those energy levels up

so let's begin with lifestyle factors now in today's 24/7 world we tend to cram in so much into

our life don't we tend to suffer because we start to forget about looking after

ourselves, now before we begin running through the

tips I want you to think about these few question so what's your diet like is it

healthy? Are you eating lots of fruit, are you in lots of veg

are you sleeping well, are you having your meals on time, are you having lots

of alcohol, drinking lots of caffeine, drinking lots of energy drinks so please

really think about these as we run through the tips so lifestyle tip

number one which is probably one of the most important things is you need to

make sure that you're having a healthy balanced diet because it's the foundation

to your energy so you need to be having whole grains, you need to be having

proteins, you need to have fruit, you need have veg but it's not as simple as this

to explain in this short video so thankfully the NHS have done a really

good article on this on how to have a healthy balanced diet and I will leave a

link in the description below which I would recommend everyone to read just to

make sure you're doing everything right lifestyle tip number two by the way I do

think this shot is a little low but there's a reason for it and if it works

it's gonna look quite cool, eat at regular intervals so if you do this it

should help sustain your energy levels and also don't miss breakfast because