How to Improve Employee Morale: 3 of America's Leaders Share Their Secrets

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BRANDON: My name is Brandon Fish and I’m the Vice President of Human Resources here at Property Solutions.

KIMMY: I’m Kimmy Cable, Vice President of Human Resources at ClearLink.

DIANA: I’m Diana Hasselfield and I’m the Nurse Practitioner here at Varian Medical Systems.

CHAD: I’m Chad Myler. I’m the Wellness Coordinator here at USANA Health Sciences.

RANDY: I’m Randy Rasmussen, Vice President of Human Resources at Nelson Laboratories.

BRANDON: Advice for organizations to improve morale?

Bar none, the number one most important thing for me is culture.

And, if you, your culture starts at the top.

No matter how much culture you try to implement, if your leaders, your CEO,

and your Vice Presidents and your Directors aren’t living the culture and living the values,

then it’s hard to create that.

So, I think it’s so important for companies to establish fun cultures

because so many companies now have that, it’s hard to attract

good employees and good recruits if you don’t have that.

So, for me—in fact, that’s one of my main responsibilities in my job

is to own the culture and to create an environment that people enjoy,

that they love, that they want to get out of bed in the morning

and be excited to go to work. And so, to me, as an organization

you need to find the people that have the skill set to do the job,

but other than that, the number one thing I look for in any interview

is are they a cultural fit? do they like the things that we do,