How to Build Customer Relationships: Crash Course Entrepreneurship #10

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Like any committed relationship, the relationship between a business and its customers needs


And that shouldn’t come as a surprise!

I mean, we’ve already mentioned customers over 100 times in this series.

We need customers to run a successful business, and naturally they’re going to have certain


So we want to make sure we deliver on those expectations and develop those relationships

as our business develops.

I’m Anna Akana, and this is Crash Course Business: Entrepreneurship.

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So the first question we have to ask ourselves is: what kind of relationship do we want with

our customers?

We daydream about building our perfect partner for me it would be the body of Chris Evans

with the head of Chris Evans.

Or finding a BFF, so why can’t we do the same for our customer relationships?

You know, the level of commitment, kinds of interactions we want to have, or even the

medium we use to communicate.

There are lots of options to consider before making any decisions or jumping into anything.

The easiest type of relationship to build is no relationship.

If a business only engages with customers at the moment they make a purchase, or either

person could be a robot and nobody would notice, this is called a transactional relationship.