Creativity In The Workplace - What You Should Know

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we explain creativity in the workplace

this is Shawn a product manager working

on the launch of a new sailboat the

presentation has to be ready by 9:00

a.m. tomorrow

Shawn feels stressed because he's

missing the big idea

Shawn's supervisor Vincent wants to help

him he's read that creative spaces lead

to creative work so Vincent decides to

build the best work place on earth with

open-plan offices common areas and

wellness areas were Shawn to be

resourceful but Shawn still doesn't feel

creative when he's at work Shawn has his

best ideas outside the office while

running chatting with friends listening

to music or having a shower like Shawn

the majority of people are not creative

on Mirjana the main reasons are too many

distractions having no time being too