Creative thinking - how to get out of the box and generate ideas: Giovanni Corazza at TEDxRoma

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Transcriber: Michele Gianella Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard

Sometimes, easy means difficult.

Have you ever been assigned an easy task,

which for you is actually very difficult to perform,

and maybe for nobody else?

That is when you experience frustration.

I have experienced that when I started taking singing lessons,

and my teacher told me to breathe with my diaphragm.

That's easy, it's our natural breath, but actually very difficult to do,

and it's a secret of the great singers.

It's similar to what happens

when a boss comes into a meeting and tells you to think out of the box.

Come on, give me your creative ideas.

Think out of the box. I want to hear that.

I need innovation.

Easy, simple, but actually very hard to do.

You need to practice.

You need to know how to get out of the box, where to go,

and how to come back inside the box, because that's where we live.

We actually live inside our boxes.

I want to ask these questions.