How To Improve Focus and Concentration | Jordan Peterson | Best Life Advice

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so do you have any practical advice on

how I can improve my ability to

concentrate and pay attention to the

world around me often the Devils in the

details you know but some practical

advice is well regulate your habits try

to get up at approximately the same time

each morning I would recommend that you

get up approximately when other people

get up so that would be something in the

neighborhood of 7:30 or 8:00 in the

morning or perhaps earlier perhaps a

little bit later but you want to

stabilize that because your circadian

rhythms operate more fluidly and your

mood is likely to be regulated better if

there's islands of stability in your

daily routines human beings like daily

routines just like dogs like daily

routines and so regulate your sleep I

would say when you get up in the morning