How to Squat Properly to Grow Your Butt!

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hi everybody my name is David I'm here

with Jessica and this video I want to

teach you how to do squats so you can

build up your butt and get some great

glutes because a lot of people are

teaching you wrong I remember about five

six years ago and Instagram there's this

big trend where all these girls are like

I squat I [ __ ] look at my butt right

and there's noise but phos and saying

they squat and lot of them probably

didn't work out but it was like a trendy

thing to be like squats squats squats

and now the new trend is people saying

oh well squats don't work your butt you

won't build your butt with squats squats

aren't for the butt and that's the new

trend that's actually not true the

reason they're saying that is because

they don't know how to do squats

correctly to build up there but I've