Do you want to increase your BREAST SIZE? These tips might be the answer!

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As much as we emphasise body positivity and

self love, sometimes there are parts of us

that we wish could be a little bit different and

there’s nothing wrong with that, since it

is your body and your choice!

So if you wish your cup size was just a little larger,

here are a few things you can try that

might take you from a 32A to a 32B!

Before you try these out, know that these

don’t always work for everyone and if they

do work the change might take some time and

the size increase may only be small so remember

to be patient and love yourself through the process anyway!

Chest exercises can plump up the muscle around

your breasts and make them firmer too.

Here are a few you can try!

Stand with your hands against a wall at chest

height with your body slightly away from it.

Use your arms to pull and push yourself towards

and away from the wall in a standing pushup.

Repeat the exercise 15 times everyday.