How To Build Brand Equity (10 Simple Steps)

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What's up brand builders! Stephen Houraghan here of BrandMasterAcademy.com and in

this video you're gonna learn how to build powerful brand equity so you can

increase the willingness of your audience to not just choose your brand

but to happily pay a premium.

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your way now if you're not sure what brand equity is if you haven't come

across the term before you just want a little bit of clarity then check out my

earlier video what brand equity is I'll leave a link in the description below

and a card above and that should clear it up for you but in summary brand

equity is essentially the value we place on the willingness of our audience to

either choose our brand or to pay a premium for our brands so when it comes

to branding brand equity is kind of a big deal so if you're building a brand

for yourself or for your client you should be doing everything in your power

to build strong brand equity and luckily for you it just so happened I have a

ten-step process that I'm going to share with you you ready

step number one build visual awareness now your logo and your overall visual

identity is often the very first touch point that your audience will have with

your brand and as humans we're able to remember visuals in as little as 13