HOW TO: Enhance Blue Eyes | MAC Cosmetics

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everyone my name is Bradley Miller and I

am a regional education trainer

welcome to the Mac Channel today I'm

gonna show you all of my tips and tricks

on how to get this beautiful smoky eye

to complement your blue eyes let's get

this magic started okay so I like to

start with curling my lashes sometimes

when you're doing a smoky eye can be

kind of hard at the end to see where

your lashes are and where this smoky eye

is so get them lifted first and by the

time you're done with your smoky eye

it'll be so much easier to make your

mascara pop after I've called my lashes

I go in with the most magical product in

the universe it's prep and prime 24-hour

eye base it is eye shadow insurance you

can literally jump in a pool after

putting this product on your eyes I like