How To Stimulate Healthy Brain Development In Your Child | UCLA Health

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Many parents ask me what can they do to stimulate their child's brain to make their brains develop well

The biggest advice I have is interaction with the environment. The brain is very sensitive to what It experiences

In the environment. So stimulation is very good for brain development

but It can't be any kind of stimulation. It has to be

stimulation that engages the child so that it's a true interaction with the environment

Feeling things, touching things, hearing, looking

Interacting truly with one's environment

Watching a television screen even if the show is educational does not stimulate brain development in the same way

Passive viewing is simply not very good for

Bringing about brain growth so the best thing you can do with your child is limit that screen time and

Interact with a child bring them to places. Expose them to new things and really get that stimulation going that will help the brain develop