Make Your Photos Look Better - GIMP 2.8 Tutorial

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hi in this video I'm going to show you a

quick and easy way to improve your

photographs make them look much better

and this is inspired by an old photo

link tutorial I'm going to include a

link in the description for that

tutorial if you want to check it out and

I'm going to be using pretty much the

same tricks except that I experimented a

little and maybe improved on it a little

bit of course the first thing we need is

a photograph and once we have that open

in we can use this option here

twice to make two copies of the original

layer and now that we have three copies

we select the top layer then we go to

the colors menu and you choose the

desaturate option then change the shade

of grey based on luminosity then click

OK then go back to the colors name and

choose the invert option next we go to