9 quick tips for BETTER BLACK & WHITE photos

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was out that she had headlong into the

21st century I think if the late-1990s

in the 18 year old me is at college I'm

learning photography I've got my Pentax

p50 I'm in the darkroom developing my

own film exposing my own shots

I'm shooting ilford HP 5fb for other

black-and-white films this is all I've

got the knowledge to do this all I have

the facility to do black and white is

how I'm learning the language of

photography why should color it so I've

got pictures of my friends pictures of

my dog for the 18 year old me the color

is not yet photography color is for

documentation black and white is for


jump forward 20 years to today and color

is the default for everyone from the

casual smartphone shooter to the

professional with a DSLR color is what