Instantly Awaken Your Sixth Sense and Activate Your Pineal Gland [Powerful Meditation Technique]

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finally scientific proof on your sixth

sense and we're gonna show you how to

activate your pineal gland guys this

Eric oh yeah I'm super excited for this

session because you guys have been

asking for for a long long time and

finally not only me I found an expert

who's been meditating for a god knows

how many years and for the past few

years have been teaching thousand people

how to actually do this and to activate

it instantly so a lot of you throughout

this video you'll be able to for the

first time you've you've never

experienced it before you can even

experience that as long as you keep your

mind calm we will prepare you for it and

we're gonna get into it but what I'm

gonna do I'm gonna call this guy now his

name is Danilo and he's absolute amazing

the past few years he's been like