How to upscale videos — 4 easy methods to upscale 720p to 4k

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hi there it's me greenie for green box

and in today's video we gonna take a

look at a question I've got under a

recent video and the question was is

there a way to upscale video without it

looking broken and I thought this is a

pretty interesting question and in this

video I want to show you four ways I do

upscale my videos if I really need them

to so therefore I would say let's jump

onto my computer and we have a 720p

video I found of me walking through a

forest and that's our example file with

that file we're gonna do up scalings

to 4k so let's jump into Premiere Pro

and we have a 4k canvas here with a 720p

video in the center and what most people

do is they go in they go to scale they

say they want to upscale it to 430

percent or whatever 4k is mm that's it

but s no name set it kind of looks