CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | 2C - 3A wavy curls

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welcome to the case and lens youtube

channel we're doing a curly hair

tutorial today on both of us i'm

just kidding we're doing a curly hair

tutorial so that if you guys have curly

hair i'm gonna do like a step-by-step

routine wait we should also maybe find

an old picture of your hair i started

wearing my hair natural back in february

of 2020. if i can find a picture i'll

put it right here and honestly spending

time to nurture curls and bring them

back to healthy and get rid of any

damage they actually really do pop up

lindsay's always had beautiful hair she

won best hair in high school oh yeah one


your hair now is so different then so

different don't want to use sticker with

that said let's get started so you guys

can see the tutorial