Practical ways to encourage your Husband | #BibiHeartChats

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hi meiosis Bibiana here and welcome back

to my channel so I'm really excited to

come Tuesday with a marriage related

video now I talked about in the past

about dating and courting with a purpose

but if it led to this kind of II do

actually get quite a few questions or

marriages and it's very clear there's

quite a big attack on them right now so

when they just give a little bit a tips

and advice and I guess encouragement for

the wives on how you know we can

encourage our husbands so what does it

mean to be an encourage so encourage us

I want to inspire hope and confidence

encourage another person you know

memorable with this innate desire to be

respected and the firm it's even in the

Bible that husband we should respect our

husbands and we should submit to them

but that's a whole nother topic we can