Learn To Express A Dog's Bladder In 3 Minutes!

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hello my name is Bobby and I have this

ela here who is a 2 year old female

attacked French Bulldog and she is

unable to urinate so today I'm going to

be teaching you how to express a dog

that is unable to urinate first things


please collect materials you will need a

keypad or a towel to collect the urine

frits and land on and baby rights or

bottle of shampoo will help to wipe her

after all so it works if you do have an

assistance with you to help hold the

front end while you are working in the

back end area and then also for little

dogs I do like to place them on a raised

surface so on a table works fine and for

larger dogs they can remain on the

ground and on their side or standing up

with assistance the bladder is a round