How to Make a Dog Drink Water (When He Doesn't Want to)

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my name is Samantha this is my chocolate

lab city and today we're going to show

you how to make a dog drink water now if

your dog's not drinking water due to an

illness or a recent surgery recovering

from an injury something like that be

sure that you are working with your

veterinarian to make sure that your dog

is getting the nutrients that they need

and the first thing that you want to do

if your dog has not been drinking or

hasn't been drinking as much as you

think he should is to check for

dehydration so the first thing you want

to do is pinch the skin on the back of

the neck kind of up above the shoulder

blades just a little bit and get a big

handful of it and it should go right

back down I know it's hard to see

because see these heads turn let me show

you come here big girl I know but you