How to dilate faster | PROVEN natural tools that REALLY work to dilate faster

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If you want to dilate your cervix faster, then you need two things: first, you need

a soft cervix, because otherwise, your cervix will not be able to dilate once labor starts.

And second, your body needs the right kind of hormonal balance, because your hormones

are the key to get contractions going.

Without contractions, your body cannot go into labor and so your cervix won’t be able

to dilate.

So in this video, we provide you with a list of completely natural tools that you can apply

in the comfort of your own home.

Their purpose is to help you with both, your cervical softening as well as with the right

hormonal balance.

In fact, we call them “tools for labor preparation”, because they can help the body get ready for


Yes and applying them can be enough for you to go into labor completely naturally and

to even do it fast as many of my clients have reported back to me.


However, we will also discuss two more natural tools, just in case your body still does not

go into labor by itself or if it is not going fast enough for you.

We call them “tools for labor induction”, because they can help a woman go into labor

within 72 hours and in some cases, even within 12 hours.

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