Encourage Creativity: Teach the Arts (documentary)

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(piano music)

-[Voiceover] The ability to express, through dance and music

and visual arts is amazing.

Every child should have an opportunity to do that.

-[Voiceover] By them participating and producing a work of

art, in their own ways, it gives them a chance to succeed.

-[Voiceover] Through telling their stories,

they learn about themselves.

-[Ian] I sometimes use color in my drawings,

but usually it's without color.

I started when I was quite young,

like two or three years old.

It can help you focus before a big test at school,

or you can do it when you're stressed out.

It just helps you think.

I do gymnastics and I didn't make it to State last year,

cause I was very very, like tense,

and I didn't do that well.

-[Douglas] He would be phenomenal halfway through a

competition, and something would happen where if he

had one error, or two errors, it would