10 Tips on How to INDUCE LABOR ON YOUR OWN | NATURAL Ways to INDUCE Labor | Birth Doula | Lamaze

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- Hey mamas, is your due date right around the corner,

or has it already maybe come and gone

and you're sitting at the computer screen

with that burning question,

how do I get this baby out of me?

I get it mama.

By the end, you're so uncomfortable

but probably more than anything,

you are just so ready to finally meet your baby.

So in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you

10 tips to help you naturally induce labor.

I'm Bridget and I'm a birth doula

in the San Francisco Bay Area

and I love helping moms love their birth.

For more tips and tools on how to have an empowered birth,

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First of all mamas, you can do all 10 of these tips

and if baby isn't ready, they still may not come.