How to Encourage Collaborative Lesson Planning

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>>Shula: Mission Lab is a design studio within Quest to Learn.

It's comprised of game designers and curriculum designers

and we work with teachers at Quest to Learn

to help them develop their curriculum and to design games

that are played in the classroom.

>>Shula: Part of what we do is to identify pieces of content

that students tend to have trouble learning or picking up

and when those areas come up, we work as a team

to brainstorm ways that we can design a game

that will help kids to better understand and really learn

and remember these content areas.

>>Arana: Mission Lab is something as a structure

within a school that does not exist

in any other school that I know of.

The support that it gives teachers, I think especially

at a public school, makes it extremely unique.

It's just a place where teachers can really be creative

and are really encouraged to be creative with our curriculum

and also a space of collaboration.

>>Eliza: It is an amazing experience

because you not only have three heads working together