How To Get a Cat to Eat : 13 Steps to GUARANTEED Success! - Cat Health Vet Advice

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have you got a really fussy cat are they really picky when it comes to eating and

you're just tearing your hair up trying to get them to eat well in this video

I'll give you 13 ways for how to get a cat to eat as well as discuss how to

prevent them becoming picky and fussy in the first place so stay tuned hi I'm dr.

Alex from ourpetshealth.com helping you and your cat to live a healthier

happier life so make sure you're subscribed if that's something you're

interested in now it's really common that I hear in the consult room that a cat is

really fussy they're really picky they don't eat very much and it's very easy

to just get so frustrated with that you buy one food they seem to like it and

then they just go off it completely you buy another one and you end up with 10

12 different foods in the cupboard that your cat just won't eats you know on

empty unfinished bags and it's just a nightmare so what's the problem how can

you get a fussy cat to eat how can you get picky cat to eat well first question

to ask is actually are they hungry now that might seem like an obvious question

and you know you might think that your cat doesn't eat very much but actually I

cannot very big and then the food that we give them can actually be quite

energy dense especially if you're feeding on dry food so it doesn't look

like much that they're eating but it's actually more than they need or more

than enough than they need to to keep them going there's a real obesity

epidemic at the moment and if actually the owners of a lot of overweight cats

you say to me that their cat isn't eating and they don't eat very much well