How to help a baby poop (FAST): The 4 MOST EFFECTIVE tools to quickly relieve constipation in babies

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Baby constipation is a problem that I often treat at the clinic because almost every baby

will be constipated at some point.

However, the good news is that there are lots of great natural tools available to help a

baby poop and to even do it fast.

Yes, and in this video, we are gonna share with you the 4 most effective ones to quickly relieve

constipation in babies.

And as always, we are also going to tell you exactly how to apply them.

I am Nathalie, a pregnancy and birth consultant and TCM therapist and I am Mathias, a researcher

and science geek, and we love helping mommies and babies naturally and science-based.

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In my experience from treating my little cute patients at the clinic, the most effective way to help

a baby poop is a baby massage treatment. The advantage here is that it can be applied to

babies of all ages.

In other words, you can apply it, no matter, if your little one is a newborn or a toddler. Right!

Moreover, it usually works super fast and it has a relaxing effect too, so it could

even help your baby with a better night sleep.

Yes, so if you want to help your baby poop with a baby massage treatment, then you can

apply the following simple 5-step baby massage treatment.

It includes classic baby massage techniques and acupressure.

And it has helped many other babies already to quickly relieve constipation.