Encourage your Man!

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I saw a video online a couple weeks ago

I guess and it was a of Steph Curry you

know the basketball player and probably

if not the best in the league the second

best in the world one or the other and

his team rarely loses but this day they

lost so he's walking down the tunnel on

the way back to the locker room and his

wife is standing there and as he comes

up to her she has confetti in her hand

and she throws it up in front and he

looks at her and he just smiles and when

I saw that I grabbed that I posted a I

was like this is exactly what wives need

to do for their husbands and when he's

dialing up she steps in and says I'm

celebrating your baby it's alright

everything's gonna be okay I got your

back I was like that up reach right

there so I'm preaching it right now I

look at that just part of doing him good