Reinventing Healthy Living | Melanie Carvell | TEDxUMary

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I don't know if you've ever felt like

this guy feels he came home from work

and he says to his wife I thought we'd

just slip into our jogging suits and

spend the evening watching TV sounds

pretty good actually doesn't it how many

of you are tired at the end of your days

we all are right how many of you have

physically active jobs or lifestyles

where you're running around with your

head cut off all day anybody a few few

lucky Souls here unfortunately most of

the activities been engineered out of

our lifestyles hasn't it

due to our labor saving devices and all

our digital distractions we have become

very inactive but the good news is we

can do something about it and hopefully

that will be our goal that will

accomplish tonight this cartoon always

makes me think of my dad I grew up in