How to Encourage Others (and Be a Friend).

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Hey there my friends, Steve Gamlin here with the latest Motivational Firewood

video. Earlier today I had the great fortune of mentoring a good friend of

mine who is extremely successful in her field, and is looking to transition and

take her experiences into the speaking world. And she's got some incredible

stories, her life lessons. She goes about it the right way. What we worked on today

was the timing, the framework, the storytelling, the pauses, which are so

important when you're a speaker, because so many people will try to memorize

their entire script. And that works for anybody in any profession. Salespeople.

Sometimes they're taught these tips and tricks and all this and that and they sit

there and they just rattle off the words. You know what? Be who you are.

Be authentic. It's really important to know the triggers and know what works.

But please don't be one of those people that walks through life memorizing every

little thing and trying to get every little thing so perfect that you forget

to bring yourself into the equation. After all, some speaking events I've

gotten over the years, and some I've lost, were because either I stepped up and I

shared my authentic self or somebody else did it even better. Because really

we all talk about the same thing especially with regard to the

motivational world, like myself. We talk about improving lives and lessons we've

learned. Now some speakers get out there and they steal other people's material

and tell their story so they read it in Reader's Digest and say "Hey, I'll just

say that was me!" No... What I love about coaching my friend is she comes from a