How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly - 5 Actionable Tips

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thanks for tuning in my name is Samantha

this is my chocolate lab Sadie and today

I am going to teach you my 5 tips for

getting your dog to poop quickly so a

lot of times Pat parents especially if

they have to walk their dog on a leash

all the time or if you go outside and

have to monitor your dog because he

can't be left alone you want him to get

his business done as quickly as possible

so the first thing you want to do pick a

quiet spot like us our dogs that don't

want a lot of busy activity it's a lot

less likely that he's gonna go in the

dog park or next to a busy street Sadie

is just gonna be a goof right now but

they want a quiet spot so pick a quiet

spot and go to that same spot every time

your dog will quickly learn after a few

days that this is the potty spot so pick

a quiet spot is my first tip my second