How to Help Baby Learn to Walk

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Have you been wondering what you can do to help  your baby learn to walk? In this video, I’m going  

to show you 8 activities you can do to get your  baby closer to taking that first independent step. 

If this is our first time meeting, I’m Dr.  Belousov. I equip parents with knowledge so  

they can care for their baby with confidence. This video is a part of my baby development  

series. Some of the other videos will  be linked at the end of this one. 

A baby typically starts to walk  between the ages of 10 and 14 months.  

There is a progression of activities  that your baby will need to master  

leading up to her being  able to walk independently. 

Activities from her initial months of  life, including tummy time, rolling over,  

sitting, and crawling all play into strengthening  the muscles that help support her ability to stand  

and then walk. This is why the best way to prepare  your baby for standing and eventually walking  

is to provide plenty of time playing  on the floor and encourage crawling. 

Usually by 9 months, a baby will master  pulling herself up to stand by holding  

onto a parents hands or nearby furniture.  You can help your baby improve her strength,  

balance and visual tracking by doing an exercise  where you hold onto her hands or forearms  

and gently start to pull her up, giving her  the opportunity to engage her core muscles  

as she gets herself into a standing position.  After having her stand for 5-10 seconds, slowly  

lower her back to a sitting position and repeat  again multiple times as your baby tolerates. 

You can also help your baby into a standing  position and place her hands on a sofa  

or another piece of furniture. Allow  her to support her own weight for as  

long as she can while you are close by. Once your baby is able to pull up to stand