Fortnite: How to Enable 2fa & Unlock Boogie Down Emote (Season 9) Ps4,Xbox,PC,Switch,Mobile

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you know what is going on guys guiding

light here back with another video and

in this one I'm gonna be talking about

how to enable 2fa so if you guys have

seen my last video 2fa will actually get

you ten dollars with a free stuff on the

epic game store coming soon now on top

of that there's a bunch of other things

that you can do once you have enabled

2fa you get a free emote and as well as

all the benefits of securing your

account so with all of the reasons to

enable 2fa I don't know why you guys

wouldn't want to do it so in this video

I'm gonna break down step-by-step how to

enable 2fa now this will only take about

10 minutes and as soon as you have

enabled it the next time that you get on

fortnight you will get a free emote

called the boogie down so with all that

out of the way guys I'm going to break

down step by step how to enable 2fa so

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so here's a quick look at the emote that

you guys will unlock after enabling 2fa

it's called the boogie down I know lots

of people have been trying to get this

email for like a year

it took me myself like six months to get

this emo so with all this stuff out of

the way guys I'm gonna show you guys how

to enable 2fa on fortnight so step one

of ending 2fa is to go down into the

description of this video I'm gonna

leave a link to the Epic Games website

which will take you directly over to the

two-factor authentication page so here's

a quick look at what the website should

look like once you click on the link

this is what you want to be looking for

as you can see the boogie down is there

in the background and if we scroll down

a little bit you guys should see this

little section here called how to enable

2fa you can start by clicking here so

you want to click that link right there

and it will bring you to a separate page

that looks just like this so if you're

already logged into fortnight on your

internet browser this page will not come

up and it will just bring you directly

into your account now if you guys are

not signed in you will have to go

through and sign into your account which

on whichever platform you'd like

sign in using your PlayStation account

your Google account or just your

downright epic account it doesn't really

matter whichever platform you're on and

that your epic account is linked to is

the account which you want to sign in to

so once you're signed in you'll want to

click on the tab on the Left which reads

password and security once you click on

password and security will be brought to

this page here where you will be able to

enable two-factor authentication now

because I have already enabled

two-factor authentication the option is

not here for me you will have two

different ways in which you can actually

go through about doing this you can use

the Authenticator app or you can use

your email now either one of these will

work just fine but I suggest just using

an email because the Authenticator app

can be a little bit strange and you'll

actually have to go on an iPhone or an

Android and download what is called the

Google Authenticator from the app store

so if you don't want to download any

third-party applications like Google

Authenticator then just click on the

link that enables 2fa through email this

way all you'll need to do is just go to

the email that's linked to your account

and each time that you sign into your

account they'll just send you a

verification through your email address

and you can click on that to sign in

instead now if you do not go through the

route of using an email you will have to

go through your cell phone every single

time that you want to sign into

fortnight and use the Google

Authenticator so if that's not something

that you guys can do or if you're

worried maybe one day your phone's gonna

break or something like that you're not

gonna have access to the Google

Authenticator do not sign up using the

Authenticator just use the email link

instead because it's honestly a lot

easier in the long run just to use the

email so if you go the email around you

will then have to type in your email

address and then go over to your actual

email and Epic Games is gonna send you a

link in what you need to click on just

to verify that it actually is you and

you do have access to that email account

now if you go through using the

Authenticator option you'll need to go

onto your cell phone and there'll be

like a six or eight digit code which

you'll need to type in after going on to

the Google Authenticator so once you

guys have verified either using the

email or the Authenticator you're

actually done that's all you guys need

to do in order to enable 2fa and the

next time that you get onto fortnight

you should receive a free boogie-down

emote now I saw a bunch of people in my

last video commenting saying hey like

what happens if I don't have access to

my fortnight account like I signed up

using an email that was

messed up or maybe you just don't have

access to the email and what you used

are you having trouble signing into your

account there's actually a way to get

around this as well but it may take

about a week or two before you're

actually going to see results now I'm

going to tell you guys step by step on

what you'll need to do if you cannot

access your Fortnight account let's say

you don't know the email let's say maybe

you don't know the password there's

still ways that you guys can access your

account but you will have to go through

a bunch of steps and it may take about a

week or so before you have access to

your account so if you're having any

trouble logging into your account what

you'll actually need to do is go to the

fortnight website I'll leave another

link in the description the second link

down below will be how to get to this

page and what you'll actually need to do

is you're gonna need to contact the epic

game support so in order to do this you

need to go over to this website here

this is what its gonna look like once

you guys click over there and what you

need to do is actually click on the

contact us button which is located right

there in the top right corner now once

you click on that you'll be brought to a

page that looks like this and you'll

need to fill out this entire page you

guys be sure to select your platform you

do not need to enter in your name so

don't worry about that

put in your email address use the drop

down arrow and make sure to say unable

to log into my Epic Games account and

then this part is very important be sure

to leave this in the describe your

problem here section and what you want

to tell epic games is just tell them I'm

unable to sign into my account because

of whatever reason maybe you don't know

the email you don't know the password

every situation is gonna be different

but make sure to be honest until epic

games the real reason why you can't sign

into your account otherwise they're not

going to be able to help you so if you

don't know your email tell them that you

don't know your email if you don't know

your password tell them that you don't

know your password if you signed up

using an email that wasn't yours just

tell them hey I don't have access to

that email anymore and I would like to

change the login email to my account

is there any way that you guys can help

me do that and they will get back to you

very soon

and then just ask them is there anything

that you guys could do to help me gain

access to my account and enable 2fa and

then at the bottom be sure to thank them

for your time and maybe even leave them

a little hint telling them to unbolt

that game pump because they're not they

don't seem to be listening any other way

so once you guys have done this once you

submit your ticket just wait maybe a day

two days three days at max and epic

games we'll get back to you with

specific instructions as to how it is

that they can help you gain access to

your account so you will have to go back

and forth with them for a few days which

is why I said it

take about a week or so before you

actually gain access to your account but

I had to go through this very same

process myself guys only about a month

ago I had problems to even signing in to

my own account so don't think that this

is only happening to you this even

happened to me once

like not too long ago I had to contact

epic support they were really nice and

they held me out in as little as like

four or five days and I was able to gain

access to my account again and get the

boogie-down email which you saw at the

beginning of this video so that's pretty

much it for how to enable 2fa even if

you don't have access to your email our

password and how to unlock the

boogie-down emo so hopefully this video

helps you guys out if it did please be

sure to drop a like down below and I

will catch you in the next fortnight

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