How to setup 2 step verification for Playstation

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what so guys welcome to clothes

today I gonna show you a new trick that

I added on the PlayStation PlayStation

privacy settings which is Canon you is

gonna be like an extra layer security

for your playstation account that was

introduced and I believe it was today

earlier in the morning they introduced a

new feature for securing your camera a

little bit more because PlayStation is

notorious for how many times they get

hacking they get taken down by hackers

but right now the a day end of the layer

security a 2-step verification you

probably are familiar with this type of

security because you can set it up in

your email and pretty much some

applications allow you to do that now

but now they added a feature on the

PlayStation this is how you enable the

feature in the PlayStation you want to

go to your settings to go to your

PlayStation Network account management

you go to account information


after you built your account information

you need to go to

you go to security security and you need

to sign into your PlayStation




after signing in you need to go to this

option either one of the u.s. a two-step

verification set your account by sending

it come to your mobile mobile phone

interests and you sign there the options

are gonna be disabled by default now you

need to click on setup now


you had your phone number you click on


you're gonna get a test message in your

phone the obscurity tone to verify this

decision you know you check it


into the cult and then you should see -

please activate and now your soup two

step verification and your account sap

is now active you click ok and this is

this will sign you out all your places

use account if you like sharing the the

PlayStation account with somebody else

it will automatically signing our order

PlayStation so the new changes

contributor and that's all you need to

do so you find this video helpful

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you have any questions I just write to

my channel for more videos thank you for

watching and I see you next