Enable 2-Step Verification in Gmail using Google Authenticator app

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two-factor authentication basically

means you have two layers of security

protecting your online account typically

one a password and the second is an OTP

once you've enabled two-factor

authentication on your Google Account

you will receive an OTP on your phone

whenever you log into your Gmail this

means even if someone finds out what

your password is they won't be able to

log into your account because they won't

have access to the OTB there are two

primary ways to use two-factor

authentication via text message or via

an Authenticator app for this tutorial

we'll use the Google Authenticator app

to enable two-factor authentication on

Gmail account


Google Authenticator is quite easy to


first open Google's two-factor

authentication page click get started

enter the phone number you want to use

for OTP enter the OTP sent to your phone

click turn on this enables two-factor

authentication by a text message on your

Google account now scroll down and click

setup under Authenticator app select the

type of phone you have Android or iPhone

install the Google Authenticator app on

your phone and open it

tap begin

tap scan a barcode then point your

camera at the QR code on the computer

screen click Next and enter the code

from the Authenticator app this sets up

Google Authenticator for two-factor

authentication on your Google account

now to check if it's working log out of

your Google account and then log back in

enter your password then enter the

verification code from the Google

Authenticator app remember the generated

code expires every 30 second so if the

code is about to expire

wait for it to change so you have enough

time to type it